About Us

The Association of Child Development and Educators (CGEDER)

The Association of Child Development and Educators (CGEDER), was established in   May 20th. 2003 by Child Development Specialists as a Professional Association. Currently, the Association has branches around Turkey; İstanbul, Bursa, İzmir, and more to come.

The CGEDER aims tok be the “voice” of all professionals in the area of Child Development and Education.  With this holistic call, and within the framework of Human Rights and Child Rights Conventions, the CGEDER aims to ensure that all children in Turkey and around the world grow up healthy, and build their motor, cognitive, language, social-emotional skills in developmentally appropriate settings.

Following are major principles of the ACDE:

  • Equality and equity: We believe that; without any discrimination (economic, social, religion, ethnic etc…) every child deserves the highest quality services possible equally and equitably.
  • Professionalism: We believe that professionalism is the key in ensuring quality child development services. Well qualified Child Development and Education professionals and services play an important role for the wellbeing of the community. Therefore, the establishment of professional standards and competencies will help  improving the capacities of Child Development and Education workforce and identification of staff work-spaces, as well as personal rights. We support, professional development, pre-and post graduate education of our
  • Collaboration: We believe that the collaboration with parents, families, local governments,as well as with other professionals (including social workers, physiotherapists, doctors, teachers..) and non-governmental organizations is the key to achieve designing and delivering holistic child development programs and improve the quality of child development and education for all children.
  • Alliance Building/Partnership: Bringing like-minded persons, institutions, government agencies, business leaders and NGOs together to create “one and stronger voice” for children’s rights, especially the rights of development and education, is important in shaping long-term policies and strategies in the area of Child Development. Hence, ACDE, believe that it is the most effective way to reach the goals for children.
  • Sustainable development: We believe that child development is the foundation of sustainable communities. In this context, in collaboration with national and international actors, we will support the 2030 Global Sustainable Development Goals, especially the relevant goals and targets that directly and indirectly aim at holistic development of children. We are ready to collaborate with government and other partners to adopt relevant child development goals and targets for children living in Turkey, and support planning and implementing them in Turkey, though national policies, strategies and programs.


The History of Child Development and Education Studies In Turkey

Department of Child Development and Education was established  in 1968 at Hacettepe University in Ankara/Turkey. Until now more than 3500 collages have been graduated and working various status in the governmental and non-governmental status. Such as policy making institutions, special education, preschool education, children with special needs, NGO’s, UNICEF, justice, health, education platforms. Most of them works as a health staff in the hospitals and health system in Turkey.

Currently, there are 22 Child Development departments under private and national universities.